The Vegan vs Meat Eater Diet?

The Vegan vs Meat Eater Diet?

This has been a long debated subject for many years and there is no sign of it ever being resolved. Why you might ask? It’s because these type of debates come down to personal beliefs has for what is right and wrong. You might talk to a vegan who can give you a hundred reasons why you need to eat vegan, and then you can talk to a meat eater you will give you another hundred reasons on why eating meat is essential for human health. In this post I’d like to give you my experience after being a vegan for 6 years and now having another 6 years eating meat.

The Pros and Cons of being Vegan

Vegan Diet

The pros are that you will most likely lose some weight which most people in the world need to do. You will also feel good morally if taking the life of animal for nutrition is something that bothers you ethically.

The cons are you will feel bloated from all the fiber you are consuming which for the most part cannot be digested. This is actually why vegans lose weight in the first place. They eat tons of fiber that make them full but it really just goes right through the digestive track and out the other end without being absorbed through the gut wall. Over time with the lack of essential vitamins and minerals that you can only get from animal foods, you will most likely develop deficiencies that can only be met be additional supplements.

The Pros and Cons of being a Meat Eater

Meat Eater Diet

The pros are obvious. Meat contains all the essential amino acids that fruits, vegetables, and grains lack. There is no other food source in the world that can rebuild your body like meat and other organs from animals. While going out and hunting your own meat is not mandatory for survival like it once was it is a great skill to have. For more info on becoming a skilled hunter check out Meat Eater.

The cons are it might make you feel bad that you are taking the life of a living creature. Thats all I can really think of.

In Summary

Ok, I know this post seems very critical and bias as I’m a much bigger fan of the meat eater diet. But remember, I was a vegan for 6 years and I experienced many cons such as muscle loss, low energy, and tooth decay from too much fruit. So yes, I 100% believe that the meat eater diet is far better for your health than the vegan diet. The video below gives great insight into why humans were designed to hunt just like other predatory animals.