What Is Holistic Nutrition?

holistic nutrition

Whats the first thing you think of when you hear the word holistic? Probably a “hippie like” person who would never hurt an animal or made a new ager who claims you can control everything in your life through the law of attraction. While there might be some truth to that, we all know that it’s a combination identifying the bad habits you have and replacing them with good habits that produce more ideal results. Well, in reality, holistic just means whole and unrefined, something in its natural state before a human alters it.

So Why Is Holistic Nutrition So Important

It’s no secret that in America and other countries, people are getting bigger, and by bigger I mean fatter. This is in no way meant to insult anyone who is over weight, it’s really just a health concern and quality of life issue. The vast majority of people who are over weight do not want to be, they simply just don’t know how to stop it. They most likely grow up on very refined foods like white bread, chips, crackers, bagels, soda…you get the picture, foods that pack a high calorie count but lack any nutrition because they have been refined. When someone is informed on what foods have actual nutrition that will satisfy their body’s needs without the junk, their body will soon transform.

Holistic Nutrition Is A Lifestyle, Not A Diet

While many people are consumed with every piece of food they eat, holistic nutrition is much more about the whole life style. This includes food, exercise, relationships, and mental health. One of the most popular schools out there that teaches all aspects of holistic nutrition in the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. They are a school based in New York that provides an online program. Check out the video below for a more in depth explanation of holistic nutrition.